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Our customers - the consumers who are thinking about buying homes or refinancing their existing homes are having a horrific experience. We do a good job of matching them to national lenders, multi-state lenders and even statewide lenders who do a decent job of making contact and aspiring to help - but - our customers are getting too many phone calls from unknown caller-ID's and too many unhelpful emails. We have an in house team of "sales assistants" who also make contact with these customers every single day and the biggest complaint / request our sales assistants hear from our customers is to speak to a "local loan officer".

We need to improve the experience for both the customer and the loan officer.

If you believe you are an experienced, expert, exceptional loan officer - who is ready, willing and able to meet with potential borrowers - face to face - in your office, at the potential borrower's home, at their work place or your local coffee shop - AND - you ideally have "social proof" of excellent service from websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, Zillow, LendingTree, LoanBright, testimonials or others - then you probably qualify.

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